Motion tracking questions

I have a short video panning through some mountains and my goal is to place 4 texts over the important areas. But I have some trouble:
(I’m using the rc 23.04.20)

  1. I can track and place the text fine on the first mountain that is in frame at the begining of the clip. But how do I tell the filter to track an object that appears after the first 7 seconds? In the preview if I select an area at second 7 and hit play it will properly track it for the duration of the playback but after hitting analyze it just tracks something at the opposite edge of the screen.

  2. Alternatively I don’t actually need to track a particular area of the clip because it’s all moving at the same rate (I am panning across a far away landscape), does this help my goal? (as in, there’s no object within the frame moving at a different rate, everything could be considered a 2D plane panning around - just not smooth enough)

  3. What does Offset mean in the Load keyframes from Motion Tracker’s Adjust dropdown mean? All the other ones make sense but this one just goes weird?

  • This is possibly a bug: if I don’t type anything in the name before hitting Analyze, there’s a default “Tracker 1” created, but in the dropdown after hitting Loading in Text:simple I see “Tracker 0” and after reopening Shotcut I see both a Tracker 0 and Tracker 1 with the first one not doing anything if selected. Tracker 0 seems to stay there forever even if I delete the initial Motion Tracker filter.

Note: I know I could just manually keyframe for this particular example.

Quick test video:

Add a separate Motion Tracker filter and use filter trimming (search here for those exact words to get the docs).

What does Offset mean

opposite direction, for example, you can track an object and then use this on Size, Position & Rotate to keep the tracked object in the same place by displacing any movement with a compensated opposite movement of the frame.

Tracker 0

Maybe it is in a playlist clip.

I didn’t know I could use it like that. Yep, that does the trick exactly as I wanted.

You’re right about Tracker 0, it was somewhere else and I assumed it starts at 0 for each clip independently.

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