Motion tracking plugins

I need to do motion tracking to create a lightsabre effect in shotcut version 21.03.21, But I don’t have any option and even I do not have any plugins for that, not even a paid one is available!

Do you know any plugins which can do motion tracking in shotcut? Or is anyone trying to create a plugin for it?

If you are trying to create one that’s even paid or you know a plugin that can do motion tracking if it is even paid, pls let me know.

There are tutorials for making light sabres in Natron. This is more of a VFX thing than an editing thing.

Yes, it is more of a VFX thing but then I need to render the animation and then edit the whole thing in shotcut and the export. And if I can just do it in shotcut it will save a lot of time. And I got this idea to do my work only in shotcut from this video:-

But it’s not an option because there are no plugins for Shotcut nor is it a big deal to use a separate program. The professional film and TV industry standard for compositing is not After Effects or Fusion. It’s Nuke and that is is not a plugin for a video editor. Nuke is its own separate compositing program. So using a separate program for compositing is not an issue. Just know that when you export it out of Natron use a lossless codec like HuffYUV or Ut Video so there is no quality loss when you bring it into Shotcut. Here’s a tutorial on how to do lightsaber effects in Natron:



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