Motion Tracking For Text or pictures/videos?

An idea that I would just like to put out there and a question at the same time.

Will there be motion tracking in a future update?

Motion tracking text or picture to video or motion tracking video to a video.

I’ve seen this feature in other programs and some on simple programs but will this feature/filter be implemented at some point?

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You should look into the free, opensourced vfx software, Natron, for that feature:

Here’s a tutorial for you:


Thanks will definitely check it out! :smiley:

I gave it a try and it looks like an awesome program but it’s just to complicated to me do you know anything that’s simpler?

Well, it isn’t a simple operation, so there isn’t a simple way to do it.

You can do it in Blender too:

You can also try to ‘motion track’ with shotcut; by essentially animating a text filter by splitting the a video into tiny bits, and moving the text filter in each cut… its hard but I tried it in editing this video:

You can use key frames for motion tracking. It’s hard but doable.