Motion Tracker Video Filter

This is required to use motion tracking. It only does the preview and analysis and is not intended to include effects but rather drive other video filters…
See the Load Keyframes from Motion Tracker button in the following video filters:

  • Corner Pin
  • Crop: Rectangle
  • GPS Text
  • Mask: Simple Shape
  • Size, Position & Rotate
  • Size & Position (GPU)
  • Spot Remover
  • Text: Rich
  • Text: Simple
  • Timer


  • This filter first appeared in version 23.05.14.
  • The Motion Tracker can be on a different clip than the clip with the above filters.
  • The dialog only shows Motion Trackers that have successfully completed analysis.
  • Click Reset in the dialog to remove the keyframes added by motion tracker and restore the state of these parameters to before motion tracking.
  • Clicking Apply in the dialog more than once automatically resets the affected parameters before adding new keyframes; so, you do not need to reset manually between changes.
  • You can edit the added keyframes, but if you reapply the motion tracker your changes are discarded.
  • To change the initial position of something after applying tracking you should Reset, make changes, and then Apply again.
  • Disable the Motion Tracker when your changes and its analysis are done (or turn off its preview). I do not recommend removing this filter when you are done loading keyframes because if you need to make an adjustment, this filter must still be available to list it in the dialog and get its tracking data.