Motion tracker filter won't complete analysis

I use the motion tracker filter in a single clip.
Input a name for it and hit the analyze. The job process is 100% and complete. Play the clip and the green box successfully track the object. But the “Analysis complete” doesn’t show up next to the “Analyze” button. When I try to load keyframe in “size, position and rotation” filter, no motion tracker can be selected in the field.
Tried to close the project and open/ analyze again.
Tried to save the project before analyze.
Tried to reboot. Still the same.

i have the same problem. exactly the same. please help us!!!

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I tried to start with a complete new project and put only one clip in. Apply this filter and analyze, still the same. (both latest version 24.01.28 and 23.11.29)

Not sure why but now it’s working. Can not reproduce the problem by changing video mode, resolution or filter number.

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