Motion Tracker .. can't work on multiple video clips

My current version of shotcut is 23.06.14
I have an application to try and animate a text (“ai”) to follow motion of the video.
I have 3 clips (strips) on same track.
Each strip, I added a “motion tracker” filter and does the analyse.
The results is Tracker 0, Tracker 2 (I rename it to Tracker 1), then Tracker 2.

I have 3 transparent strips each with a filter “rich text”
I click “Load Keyframes from Motion Tracker” with Tracker 0 (relative position), and Tracker 1, and Tracker 2 respectively.

The first “rich text” works fine and follow the motion (keyframes) from the Tracker 0.

However, I just can’t get tracker 1 and tracker 2 motion loaded to the respective 2nd and 3rd “rich text” filter in respective strips.
Does “shortcut” works for multiple motion tracking loaded on different text ??
My current version of shotcut is 23.06.14

Yes, but sometimes it gets confused and you need to save and reopen the project.

Thanks … well actually it works fine when I upgraded to latest version 23.07.29.
Perhaps also works on the previous version using your suggestion to reopen.

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