Motion Graphics

Does Shotcut support motion graphics. If it does can someone tell me how to use them. If it doesn’t can someone tell me if it is on the roadmap and if there is another free resource where I can use them. Also if it doesn’t exist is there a plugin I can download.

Hi, do you mean motion tracking like putting an image and the movement follows, for instance, a person’s head?

If this is what you want, currently Shotcut doesn’t support it an I don’t think it will be implemented in the near future.

You can try and use the latest version of Kdenlive which support motion tracking, just search some videos on YouTube about it.

Yes this is what I meant.

As I am on windows I can’t download kdenlive.

Do you know any other software that does motion graphics.

I think this feature will be implimented in the near future as motion effects is number one on the roadmap
if you check it.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.

Hi again, you can try with Blender ( You can go here to download it.

Sometimes I test editing some videos with Kdenlive in a Debian Sid virtual machine with VirtualBox. With some twitching it works OK.

Thank you for your effort. I will use this.

you can use also ffDiaporama it is very easy.

Hi, you can tracking it by using size and move filter with keyframe.
Sometimes I add tracking text by using above combination.

Oh, thanks! I was looking for something like this for really ling time.