Motion Effect how to?


I’m new to Shotcut and I’d like to do some motion effects. I haven’t quite figured out how to move video around. I’ve done it with the Ken Burns in iMovie. I’ve seen the position filter in Shotcut but that doesn’t seem to do what I need. Anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance.


This does not exist yet.

That is on the Road Map as “keyframable filter parameters.”


Hi. I’m new to Shotcut (but have done video editing with other Linux tools in the past).

The experience so far has been great, except I really miss the handiness of a “Ken Burns effect” (or whatever it be called) in editing. In particular, being able to generate the impression of continuous motion between different zoomed parts of a photograph, is essential. It seems that Shotcut still doesn’t offer that possibility - but it also seems that “keyframable filter parameters” should do that.

Any idea of when this will be available?



I’m glad this is at the top of the roadmap. I have been trying video editors for three days straight and Shotcut is closest thing to what I want with this one exception. I look forward to this being implemented, so please add my vote for adding this feature. Keep up the good work!