Motion-blur pan transition (Whip-pan) TUTORIAL - PART ONE now completed

Hi folks, well, it took a lot longer than I imagined, but I’ve just completed part 1 of my two-part Motion-blur pan transition tutorial. Boy, it took a lot of work, and of course, time!!

I’ve uploaded it to my “Shotcut Short Examples” YouTube channel to begin with - when I’ve completed Part 2 (explaining method 2) I’ll upload both parts to my main YT channel, to reach a wider audience.

Very happy to take any comments or constructive ways it can be improved!!

I’m off now to work on part 2, after a lie down and a cup of tea … :blush:


Great video with an interesting way to display information (e.g. video settings, scaling, and proxy).
Newbie’s question: Why 7 frames?
By the way, I missed the news that the size and position filter was merged with rotate and scale.
Good choice of music. Very dynamic. :+1:

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Amazing! I wish I was British…


Thank you for this great tutorial so well explained
I look forward to the next one after your cup of tea.

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Excellent tutorial! I really don’t see how you could improve it. Everything is clear, detailed and easy to follow, even for novices I would think. Plus, I learned a few useful new tricks. I never thought, for example, to use transparent clips as markers. I also didn’t know we could use “O” at the playhead in the timeline to split and delete the end of a clip. I suppose it also works with “I”. I used those in the preview window of course but never tried in the timeline.


I found 7 frames gives about the right speed for the transition (of course it’s relative to the video mode - so it would be too fast for a 50fps video). I thought of explaining that but felt it would complicate things…

Thank you! LOL! You don’t want to be British though- our weather is rubbish… :laughing: :laughing:

:rofl: I’ve decided I deserve something stronger than just tea … :laughing:

Thank you so much - I’m gad you picked up some tips!


Have you ever visited Québec city in January or February? :sweat_smile: :snowflake:



I don’t want the weather, I just want the accent to make me sound more distinguished on my videos…

I have a good friend there, and it’s a tragedy when the snow blower breaks down. :scream:

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Yes, that’s a good point. It sounds so good and so stately.
My main problem in taking a step back in creating tutorials is…my voice.
Maybe I will learn Klingon language and there will be no difference in tone. :rofl:

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Just use one of those text-to-voice bots, then you’ll sound futuristic

I tried many of those. Coincidentally, the more realistic one I found had a British accent. :face_with_monocle:

Language: English. Voice: 3- Male. (5- Male ain’t bad either)

A few months ago I looked at some TTS services.
The one that convinced me the most was Balabolka because it was free and incorporated different TTS engines.

Anyway, I gave up making a serious tutorial and then abandoned the idea with only one video on my channel.
I will try to help in another way, in my free time. Creating quality tutorials requires many hours of work.
Many times it is video work, but the audio also needs to be taken care of and background music with the right rhythm and volume, can be the difference between an annoying video or a nice one.
And of course, the voice. I prefer a slow, clear voice that is not histrionic. That voice that after watching the tutorial, you feel like having a cup of tea. :wink:

Your tutorials are great. :star_struck:
I have a lot of ideas, but it’s hard to put them into practice.
For example:
how about something about managing project folders?
Show what would be a way to organize your project, starting from placing all the media files in the project folder, so you can take the project to another computer and continue working without problems. Showing how Shotcut creates the proxy folder.
I have a clear idea in my head, I know how to do it, but…I don’t know how to convey this in a video tutorial.
And so with so many ideas. :pensive:

That made me laugh!! Me … distinguished!! No-one’s ever told me that before :rofl: :rofl:
@bentacular, seriously, your voice is fine. Really clear with a nice accent. :+1:

I checked out the “Voicebooking site”. This was FUN! So I made this short video, just for enjoyment!!. Yes, the English male voices are pretty good. Pity about the Spanish though… :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks @ejmillan, will check it out…

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You have not tried in Klingon language. A pity.

Another site:

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