Mosaic Filter Sizing

Hello Everyone: I am using the Mosaic filter to distort/undistort an image over several stages, to gradually reveal the finished/in focus picture. What I find is that the distorted images are bigger than the original, and as I am wanting to enclose the image in a fixed size frame, it doesn’t work.

Is this the way it is supposed to be? Is there a parameter that I can adjust, or another approach that keeps the same size throughout?

Thanks. . .

It is difficult to understand your problem without all of the details. The Mosaic filter does bleed:

But you need to do something to crop away the bleed. In this case, all I did was change the order of the filters:

Thank you for your response to my question about the Mosaic filter.

If there is nothing I can do to constrain the Mosaic render to a fixed size, then I will crop the result to the desired size, as you suggest.

Regards. . .

You could try using Mask: Simple Shape.

The filters must be in this specific order as shown.
Then you would use Keyframes to adjust the Mask or Mosiac filters based on when want to reveal the image.

Hudson555x: Thanks for your suggestion - I’ll give it a try.

Cheers. . .