More text effects

hello in the next update to shotcut I would like if there were more text effect such as

  1. drop shadows on text
  2. a Gradient stroke on the text and on the just the text
  3. and when you use a black stroke it looks gray?
  4. also on the stroke can you guys please fix it where the stroke looks a bit faded and doesnt look that good heres a example
    (also why there is a picture is so that you can see the shotcut stroke)

    hopefully this shows enough?

This is on the road map:


Bring the opacity of the Outline to 255. By default it’s at 170


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Use 2 filters instead of one.
Top filter: Font color β†’ Alpha channel : 0, Outline color β†’ Alpha channel: 255

When used with a white background.
No fading, solid black color outline as intended.

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thank you so much it worked for me! :grinning: