More Text customization

Perhaps things like text transparency, text size so its not only dependent on the box size like another post commented on, make text options such as outline and color keyframable, add text rotation(very useful). Those are just ones i’d really like to see most though.

i do realise there are some ways of doing things like text color(you can do this by making the text on a new track, keyframe the background out and use color grade) but it’s very inconvenient.

Text: Simple filter

Text: Simple filter

Text: Rich filter


Make a text clip (Open Other > Text) and then add the Size, Position & Rotate filter. There is all sorts of things you can do with text using other filters. We are not going to make one big filter that includes a bunch of things already in other filters.

color keyframable

Add the Hue/Lightness/Saturation filter, and the latest version adds keyframes to it. By keyframing Hue, you can adjust the color as long as the original color is not a grayscale. It can rotate the hue and also by using Hold type keyframes, it can instantly change to another color. But there are limitations to gradually change between any 2 colors.

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The text filter should just put text on the screen, then you use other filter to manipulate the text