More Scan Lines Customization

I’ve been thinking on it after making Master VHS Effect Tutorial . Perhaps the Scan Lines filter deserves some more customization. There’s already some stuff you can do with the scan lines filter if you are creative, like transparency and whether its horizontal or vertical(though it does not work well). I think the Scan Lines filter should have the option of horizontal lines or vertical lines, thickness, and lines amount, it’ll make the scan lines much more versatile, as in some resolutions and orientations the scan lines will look unnatural.

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Many ways to use Scan Lines with other filters.
I’ve been experimenting with Scan lines for a while now.


Ah, I didn’t think about the combination of the filters in that image, is that Scan Lines + a 360* filter?

The Scan Lines filter uses frei0r.scanline0r to draw the lines. This filter currently does not take any parameters and has no configuration options. The upstream frei0r code would probably need to be extended to offer any new functionality. That’s a low-key way of saying it probably won’t happen quickly, unless a developer decides they want those features too.

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Ah, what a shame. :pensive: