More meme Effects in shotcut

I Use Shotcut Everyday To Edit My Videos. Sometimes I Like To Add A Nice “funny meme effect” Into It But Shotcut Doesn’t Really Have A lot Of Those. So Here are some Recommendations for meme effects.

1.Content Aware Scale

2.shake effect

3.vibrato Effect

4.Simple Animation tools

5.Face Filters

Thank You.

These all effects are available in Shotcut. Give time to learn Shotcut to discover more.

  1. Content aware scale :
    This is nothing just a disort effect. It can be done using single or multiple filters. Swril, wave, Distort, Dither and of course zoom (rotate and scale or size and position ) filters are useful to achieve this effect.
  2. Shake effects:
    Add size and position filters then choose shake preset, it will make 1second shake if you need more than 1 sec then you can do simpely by keyframe animation.
  3. Vibrato effect
    This is all about pitch control of your voice. Use audacity (open source) software.
    4.simple animation tools:
    Yes, there is keyframe animation function. Checkout keyframe features. Shotcut support simple as well as advanced keyframe (discrete, linear and smooth).
  4. Face filters:
    If you’re talking hiding or cencering face, use obscure or mosaic, or spot remover filter.