More meme Effects in shotcut

I Use Shotcut Everyday To Edit My Videos. Sometimes I Like To Add A Nice “funny meme effect” Into It But Shotcut Doesn’t Really Have A lot Of Those. So Here are some Recommendations for meme effects.

1.Content Aware Scale

2.shake effect

3.vibrato Effect

4.Simple Animation tools

5.Face Filters

Thank You.

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These all effects are available in Shotcut. Give time to learn Shotcut to discover more.

  1. Content aware scale :
    This is nothing just a disort effect. It can be done using single or multiple filters. Swril, wave, Distort, Dither and of course zoom (rotate and scale or size and position ) filters are useful to achieve this effect.
  2. Shake effects:
    Add size and position filters then choose shake preset, it will make 1second shake if you need more than 1 sec then you can do simpely by keyframe animation.
  3. Vibrato effect
    This is all about pitch control of your voice. Use audacity (open source) software.
    4.simple animation tools:
    Yes, there is keyframe animation function. Checkout keyframe features. Shotcut support simple as well as advanced keyframe (discrete, linear and smooth).
  4. Face filters:
    If you’re talking hiding or cencering face, use obscure or mosaic, or spot remover filter.
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there is no swirl effect. is it possible you got the name wrong?

There was a Swirl filter. It got removed a couple of versions back along with the other HTML based filters.

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oh ok. i wish they would bring it back then. I am using shotcut for ytps and it would be useful.