More intuitive zoom controls

What I think people feel like should work is holding down Ctrl and then scrolling the mouse wheel to zoom in or out based on where the mouse cursor is located on the timeline. This would match the behavior of other NLEs like Sony Vegas and would fit with how zooming works in web browsers. Holding Ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel up would zoom the timeline in and holding ctrl while scrolling down would zoom the timeline out. The zoom should center on where the mouse cursor is, not on where the video is paused.

Also, holding shift while scrolling the mouse wheel down should move the timeline view right and holding shift while scrolling the mouse wheel up should move the timeline view left.

Holding down the middle mouse button should let you drag your view on the timeline in any direction.

Intuitive controls like this would speed up people’s editing significantly IMO.


We actually have some modifier + mouse wheel shortcuts for timeline zoom and scrolling, but the GUI technology we are using is getting in the way a little creating a bunch of caveats that I have not been able to work around and to also document because… they are caveats that suck. :frowning: Maybe some day we can overcome it, but I need to spend time elsewhere at this point after giving a try and facing much frustration.

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I came here to suggest this also (either zooming on the centre of the screen or the playhead).

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Do you think that this will be added sometime in the near future if at all or is this simply too difficult to program?

What version number of Shotcut do you have?

On the latest version every time you pick the Size, Position and Rotate filter a help dialog box appears under the player letting you know how can have more control of the rectangle box:

Clicking anywhere inside the rectangle then pressing and holding Shift like it says above will allow you to move and drag the rectangle around even if you are not grabbing it from the middle.