More Features like other softwares

I know that other softwares are different from shotcut as they are paid ones and shotcut is free and open souce. But recently i am in need of other softwares for some features and can’t continue in shotcut for all.

I am using other softwares for only a specific feature . I would like if all those features are available in one place , i.e shotcut .

Some of those features are,

  1. Motion Tracking

  2. 3D Text animations

  3. More transitions

  4. Video Stabilization

This is best done in Blender (if going the free route). It has a great solver. Then render the top layers (no video background) with transparency and pull it into Shotcut. This separation of duties is somewhat ideal because the feature set of a formal compositor (Blender) does not clutter the simplicity of a video editor (Shotcut).

Same thing. Design in Blender with the full capability of a 3D modeler, then export and bring it into Shotcut.

Transitions are user-definable. You can create or find as many as you want. Your other thread lists many resources:

Shotcut already has this. Look at the “Stabilize” filter.