More effects on fade in filter


I was wondering if it possible to add a system where you can make the fade in/out filters have the same transition effects as a normal transition. For example, instead of making it just fade in it could swipe in from the corner or appear as an ‘iris box’. It might not get added as a feature but it would be cool if it was there.

(I know workarounds for doing this such as making the media appear in by making a transition from a fully transparent image to the media you want to show ect. I’m just suggesting this so it can be easier to do.)

It can look like this


The fade controls only fade. Making them do other things makes the UI confusing. This is already very easy to using Mask: From File with the Invert option to control direction and simple Keyframes, Brightness to create the black, and Mask: Apply:


Oh, thanks for clarifying. I didn’t know how to do it with the mask filter.