More Chroma key filters on the same clip

Hi there,
today I tried to chroma-key a green screen video with two shades of green. I also experimented with similar video in OBS Studio in real-time. I achieved best results when I used two separate chroma-key filters at the same time. When I tried to use two chroma-key filters in Shotcut on the same clip, only second of them seemed to work. Is it possible to do something with that?

Thank you.

I wonder if perhaps the second use of the filter is overriding the first? Hopefully, Shotcut can chime in on this soon! Obviously it would be best to get this type of footage right from the source tho–flat background, one color, and LOTS of lighting.

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Which Chroma Key filter? Did you try both? It helps to be specific. I suppose the simple one simply sets the alpha channel based on the chroma. So, it does not make sense to apply two. I can set a flag that prevents the user from trying to add more than one. The advanced one is different. It has an Operation field that uses the input alpha channel from a previous instance (or the simple one?). “Write on clear” does NOT use the input alpha channel; all the others do.

I tried both of them. But I didnt experiment with the operation field. Now I discovered that it works as I need when in Operation:Minimum :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help and time.