More Audio Transitions & Fades

Currently, Shotcut only has one audio transition available but considering the different scenarios that present themselves in editing, more audio transitions are needed. I first mentioned it in this thread here almost a year ago.

Premiere and Resolve both have 3 kinds of audio transitions. Premiere has Constant Gain, Constant Power and Exponential Fade. Resolve has a +3dB Cross Fade, a -3 dB Cross Fade and a 0dB Cross Fade.

So Shotcut could at least add two more but if more could be added that’d be great. I think Shotcut’s only audio transition is the equivalent of Premiere’s Constant Gain. Shotcut definitely should have Constant Power as it’s very useful and common. From there Exponential Fade could also be added to match the same options that Premiere has. There’s other kinds of transitions/fades available like Logarithmic Fade. Here is a list from Audacity. It’d be nice if these can also be added as more options for the Fade In/Out audio filters.

Interestingly enough, Audacity has two Constant Power transitions. Here is the page on that.

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