Montage done with SC

Finally, I dare to present to your constructive criticism this montage which is more of a slide show than a video document which gave me a lot of trouble not having enough photographic or video material for this montage so I had to compose .
At the same time, I would like to thank all those who responded to my requests for help.


Impressive work. I bet animating the little boats at 00:53 was a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Very impressive use of various techniques. It must have taken quite some time to make. You must be very patient.

I’m also impressed by the handlebar mustaches and the beards on some of the victorian-era gentlemen. You could have used them to hang washing on to dry.

It’s actually quite impressive.

My positive suggestion is to find a natural voice for the naration rather than a computer one. Especially in History talks - because word emphasis and dramatics is key.

I say this because I’ve spoken to a few Greek men even with a thick Greek accent and I can still remember what they said years later. A computer voice not so much.

All the graphics, maps, boats are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Yes I took plea

Yes I took pleasure to di it, thank for your reply;

Thank you, for your comment. the voice over is from TexTaloud 4 you just have to buy the application and some voices in several languages. the most difficulty is to find the right lenth of the clip and the right lenth of the text according to the voice.

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