Modern transitions and effects

Hey, I use and enjoy Shotcut, but there’s something that it’s really missing.

While at first glance, it has a decent set of built-in transition presets, they’re not particularly impressive. They look old-fashioned and, in reality, are mostly impractical unless you want to use them for some slideshow of old pictures of your parents.

The only transition preset I use that doesn’t look bad is Dissolve.

I mention this because I recently tried Filmora, and I was genuinely amazed at the number of transition presets it offers. Some of them are really impressive and feel quite modern. You can check them out in this YT video (let’s say, after the second half of the video).

Yes, I’m aware that a big part of these transitions can be achieved using keyframes, but the effort you put into creating a specific effect compared to just clicking once in Filmora is incomparable.

The same goes for the effects. In Filmora (and not only in it), you have a large set of ready-to-use, good-looking effects that you simply place on a track in the timeline, and you’re good to go.

So, my suggestion would be if the team could focus a bit on modernizing these transitions and adding ready-to-use effects, it would make things a lot easier and faster for us.

Since early 2023 (version 23.04), Shotcut has this new feature called Filter Set

This allows you to save any transition you create as a file on your computer that you can load back in any project with only a couple of clicks.

Look for Filter Set in the forum Ressource category. You’ll find more info and many ready-to-use Filter Sets created and shared by users.


I have not used the program you mentioned, but I think that in it you are limited to the set of transitions that are in this program and at best you can download them from the online library of this software. In shotcut, you can create any number of absolutely any transitions and save them as a “filter set”. The advantage of this approach is that you create a transition for yourself once, save it and use it constantly, and you do not have a cluttered list of unnecessary transitions. Maybe in the future this will be implemented even more conveniently, but it’s still better than nothing at all.