Mobile phone video with GreenBG overlay .. how

I think this is basic problem but I have been trying to search and google … but just don’t seems to find a topic around solving this. Just can’t remember how to solve …

My requirement is to have my doggie overlay with a background video, plus another animated text from another video.
V1 - background video
V2 - dog with green background captured on phone (appears only 1/3 on SC)
V3 - text animation with green background

Here’s a video clip of my V2

Here’s the video output when I apply chroma = green on both V2 and V3.

Question … how do I have my left side and right side showing V1 video instead of black background.

I tried applying Bend (add, subtract etc) and Mask … still can’t get the outcome I needed.
This maybe basic stuff … just don’t remember what I need to do get this resolve.

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Thanks @Hudson555x,

But with the Advance Chroma and Operation = Minimun, it solve this problem.
But then I cannot apply “simple mask” to clean up the green patches.

I tried … simple mask with Add, Subtract overwrite … none of them seems to work.
Perhaps I need some special setup with the video?

Think need to show the video track to explain what I’d tried.
Advance Chroma above or below the mask … or any combination of add, subtract, etc … seems not giving the solution. Maybe I just go confuse with the chroma vs mask add/subtract/over ride combination. One of them would solve it I suppose. Just not getting it.

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See the Key Spill filters in ‘Chroma Key advanced’ are made to help for this.


Thanks a lot !! It works !! It works !! … I don’t know why but it works wonderfully … see attached by adding the Key Spill:Simple filter. The power of Chroma and Key spill combined !!!

Youre welcome!
You can also make the green outlines of your cute dog disappear:
Add the filter ‘Alpha Channel: Adjust’ under the Chroma Filter and with the mode: ‘Shrink soft’ you can change the outline.


Thanks !! power of another filter !! indeed helps to remove the green outline.
Appreciate it … this also helps me to do masking a lot easier if still picture … rather than using “mask from file” …


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