Mlt version shows differently

Hello everyone. When I open my template file (.mlt) that I created in previous versions of SC to use it;

The new version of Shotcut has been released! The text is stated. However, my Shotcut version is already up to date. I think there is a section in the mlt file that needs to be updated. For your information…

Operating system: Windows 10 x64 Turkish
Shotcut version: 23.09.29

no it is not updated … 23**.07**.29 is older than 23.09.29 … update the version …

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Which version should I update? SC is already up to date.

So I want to use my old templates with the new version SC. However, there is a situation like I mentioned.

23.09.29 … click on the message link and download the file for your OS anad run to update your shotcut !

I have already updated shotcut. However, when I operate on the old file (.mlt), it says update the shotcut.

Shotcut is already up to date…

ok … so open the .mlt and save it on 23.09.29 … I feel the structure changed … and see if it helps

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I had two Shotcuts installed on my system… the previous version. with…sorry. :blush:

I never got this … it always replace the previous version … better is remove all and install the last release and prevent issue in future …

Yes. I agree. The installation in previous versions removed the previous one and installed the new one… I think I missed this part in this new installation…

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