.mlt Framework for EVERYONE

As you guys can see on the title. Before the idea, I have a little story to tell.
It’s a usual day. I’m using my computer. Suddenly my friend sent me a message happily ! I feel happy for him so I decided to make a short video for him. After a half hour, it’s done. After that, I got a good news,again ! Of course I made a video for it. But the video was actually almost based on the previous video. Then an Idea come to my mind: Why not create a space for the mlt file with material specifically when the original material is public and free to re-use.
Since that,I’ve create a tiny folder. It includes the main projects I use for short videos.
I believe it will be awesome when we share our ideas from others and make them more helpful, don’t it?

I do not completely understand this suggestion, but there is already a MLT Framework for everyone. It is the name of the open source software engine that Shotcut uses:

I think you are talking about some sharing site for Shotcut .mlt files. That should not be called a framework as that is confusing because a MLT Framework already exists. It is useless to share only a .mlt file; the media is needed as well. You can use archive.org for this purpose. I do not believe it has a folder concept to keep things neatly organized, but you can upload all the media assets there and then add links to them in the description for the .mlt file. Alternatively, I can add a category in this forum for people to share .mlt files along with links to the media on archive.org. The only problem with that is the quality: people will upload mlt files without media or incomplete media.

Is your goal to make a stock library of royalty-free images, videos, and sounds that people can use in their videos? If so, there is a Resources page that offers a pretty good start already:


Ow… ok I see.
Let me just try to put my work on it. Thanks!