.mlt files don’t open after adding xml clip in

I wasted 4 hours editing a video on shotcut… I wanted to edit a clip separately, so I opened it in a new project with xml and then i closed shotcut to take a break. (Everything was saved) Now whenever i try to open either of the projects shotcut stops responding and sometimes crashes my graphics card somehow? It has rescaled the size of my desktop before as well after a crash. If you leave it it just takes up lots of ram and does nothing. This is frustrating as everything was working fine before this bug. Is there a weird bug with xml file opening or something?

Edit: There is also no gpu processing option button on my shotcut. I have the latest portable version, and yes, I have restarted my computer and even checked in my nvidia settings if shotcut was set to my dedicated gpu; it is.

Can you upload one of the project files that has the problem? Preferably the shorter one?

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