MLT file won't show in timeline or playlist

I cut & trimmed a 35 min video to 12 mins. I saved it as mlt (didn’t export because it wasn’t finished). I want to work on it again but now but it isn’t letting me edit the video anymore. I want to cut it into 3 parts & save each separately to have 3 separate final projects. It won’t go on my playlist or timeline BUT it does play in the preview. I’m a total newbie & its my 1st edit so I’m stuck. Can anyone help?

How did you import your MLT file back in Shotcut?

If you dragged it to the playlist or the Source (Preview) Shotcut will treat it as a single clip and you wont be able to edit it as a project.

To properly import your project in Shotcut:

While that is true for Playlist or Timeline, it is not correct for Source. Drag-n-drop of a Shotcut .mlt file opens it as a project.

You might also find the project in the list of Recent Projects on the startup screen.

You’re right!
Consider me corrected.

Sounds like the project file might be corrupt. You can upload it to a reply, and someone can take a look.
P.S. If you are opening your project using Open MLT XML as Clip… you are doing it wrong.

I assume it became corrupt because I changed the title to have spaces. The file will play properly (full 12 minutes) but I don’t see how I can edit anymore. I do see it in recent projects. So how do I keep working on it? The first time I ever used the program was today. I was able to do it in VLC but I’d prefer to use shotcut for the next one.

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