Mlt file not working right

Alright, I am having a bit of trouble with the mlt’s. I saved my thing to an Mlt and reopened it later, so I could change it to MP4, but shotcut just stopped responding. I read that mlt is not actual video it just goes along with the original video, so you need the original to open it. But I have no video, the thing I’m doing is more of a stop motion thing, with pictures and audio. Do I need to have the pictures and audio in the same folder as the mlt? Or did I just screw everything up? I spent over 5 hours on this video and I kinda don’t want it to go to nothing. Thanks.

It’s also 12 minutes, but I’m not sure if the length affects it.

Open your mlt file in Shotcut. Open your Export window.

I can’t open it in shotcut because it stops responding.

Not sure what you’ve changed, but I’m able to open mlt’s without shotcut crashing.
You’re just picking Open File, right?

Yeah, I click open file, then I pick my mlt from my desktop, then I open it, then it crashes.

Is GPU Processing turned off?
It is very experimental at this time.
gpu processing

Yep, it’s off, maybe I just screwed up somehow.

There is only learning what happened and the goal to fix it.
What are your computer specs, and operating system?
What version of Shotcut are you currently running?

I am running the latest version of shotcut. I will try again, hopefully I don’t screw up this time.

mtl is a text file.
It is the cuts and filters and everything that you told ShotCut to do.
you can open it in a text editor and look at it.

you will see the file names of your sources.

If those files don’t exist, or have been moved, then ShotCut should give you a dialog about this. I am a little surprised it crashes.

No. This is not a requirement. If the pictures and audio are in the playlist of shotcut project, that is enough.

True enough provided that you do not move or remove your source assets from their current location. If you do, then the MLT file will be looking in the wrong place.