Mlt file cannot be opened, after restored

Hey people,
I have a pretty bad situation: I did alread put a certain amount of effort in the project. Unfortunatly I replaced the file with an empty one. Then I restored the original file and now I have a problem with opening the file. I already looked into the mlt and deletet a row with a bunch of “Null” in there. Still having the issue.

Any help is very much appreciated.

shotcut-log.txt (34.1 KB)

KH-30Jahre1.mlt (66.4 KB)

I was able to restore your project by slightly removing the non-logical garbage at the beginning of the xml file.

p.s. The XML file has a fairly logical structure that reads well in text editors with syntax highlighting. For the future, I advise you to always restore files by opening a known working file in the second tab, garbage and errors of a corrupted file will be very noticeable and fixing such a file is a matter of five minutes.

KH-30Jahre1_repear.mlt (66.1 KB)

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