Mlt++ development package not found

I am treading water here, doing my best to learn to compile Shotcut from the source code.

I got to where I could do the
qmake PREFIX=/usr/local/
make -j8
make install

I got to the point of ‘make install’ but then hit a roadblock:

Project ERROR: mlt++ development package not found
make: *** [Makefile:84: sub-src-install_subtargets] Error 3

How can I resolve this so I can compile Shotcut from source on my system? I found mlt++

and see it is on github but it is source code there, not a .deb. I am running MX LInux x64 (current version). Synaptic does not show mlt++ development, and the only mlt++ development I found online were .rpm packages.

Thank you. I finally was able to get the dependencies, including mlt++, installed on my linux system (mostly by learning about test repos and flatpak and using those to install some shotcut dependencies, Qt Creator, etc.

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