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I have a new issue that happens with a clip exported in H264.High profile.
In a clip of 53 seconds, I have an image of a character in png with a duration of 3 seconds on a black background, when I view this clip in mlt everything is correct, when I export this clip in “H .264 high profi - 1920x1080 25fps”, when viewed in mp4 the said image appears in png with a black background but after a second the background becomes white and remains white.
What do you think is going on?
Thank you for your help

Without at least a screenshot or the MLT it would be hard for anyone to guess what is going on.

I believe I created what you have explained.

border.mlt (4.3 KB)

Exported H.264 High Profile

I do not get a white background. Granted I did not go 53 seconds.

Hello and thank you for your answer and help,
I searched for a long time without finding an answer, however I found a solution by redoing the Png image of the subject which originally, once clipped, was surrounded by a thin white border, I deleted this border and the phenomenon disappeared during the export but I can’t explain why.

I also tried to export the image with a green screen and the “simple chroma key” filter, but the same phenomenon was reproduced by putting green instead of white.
Attached are the three images, before, after and green screen.

That is because the border is not white. It appears white, but it is not.

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“This explain that”, thank you for your reply and help.

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