MLT and Clip on timeline

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Is there a possibility to load several files previously saved in MLT and to find them again on the timeline as they were saved and not in clips ?
Thank for your help.

File>Open MLTAs Clip…

So you can put it in the playlist or timeline.

@DvS is correct, but you must ensure each MLT XML file has the same frame rate to get correct behavior.

Sorry, I forgot that.

Thank you for your replies, I knew that but I just want to know if it is possible refind what I saved in MLT as I saved it in MLT, I mean with all the attributes(all tracks and filters) not as a clip located one a simple line .
Bests regards and thank to DVS and SC Leader

Can you mention any other media-program that has this abilities?

I think you mean an overview of your SC projects like a picture browser with used filter informations?

No I don’t know any application able to do it.
As I came recently to SC I discovered MLT.
Yes I think it would maybe useful when you make a video with a lot of tracks I have one on with more than 28 videos tracks for only 42 secondes show without sound with all that job you get lost.

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