MLT Analyser

Hello everyone,
Where could I find the link for “MLT Analyzer” very practical for finding the resources of a clip, this analyzer was installed on my computer but mysteriously disappeared, thanks to the creator of this tool which is so practical and useful, when you are editing a video , there are so many images or texts or music that we believe are useful and that must be deleted later to lighten the computer, this tool allows us to sort them out usefully. cordially

Try here

Bonjour, PaulusMaximus thank you fot your help.
How to download this usufull tool

It has been made as a web page rather than a traditional “app”, meaning you just open it with your browser and attach your MLT file and the web page will then create a download for you.

If you want to run it locally, you could download the contents of the HTML file using WGET and then point your browser to the file rather than a web address.

Probably easiest just to use the link as it is intended, a web page.

Ok, merci mais dans le passé Elusian m’avait donné un lien pour le telecharger.

Bonjour @Epsilon85,
I think this is what you’re looking for:

Je crois que c’est ça ce que vous cherchez
Resources for Shotcut
Cliquer sur Offline MLT Analyzer pour télécharger

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Hello SergeC,
Indeed this is what I am looking for, I had consulted the resources without having the patience to go straight to the end, there are so many.
Thank you very much

C’est @PaulusMaximus qui doit être remercié. Il a suggéré le premier l’App de Elusien.

It’s @PaulusMaximus who should be thanked. He was the first to suggest the Elusien App.