MKV w/ subtitles to MP4 w/ subtitles?


I want to convert some MKV videos which include subtitles to MP4 format but when I convert the files the subtitles do not show up in the MP4 videos.

Can someone show me how I can make the subtitles appear within the MP4 exports?


You cannot do this in Shotcut, since it ignores subtitle tracks. But you can do it using Handbrake, see below for instructions:

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Thank you it worked great!

New question.

Is the extension m4v and mp4 interchangeable? Can I simply rename it?

No, you cannot just rename it.

MKV and MP4 are containers that hold video tracks, audio tracks and subtitle tracks. They have different formats, so they can’t be interchanged simply by changing the extension from ‘,mkv’ to ‘.mp4’.

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Referring to step 3 of the link, do I change the “save as” from m4v to mp4?

Sorry, been incommunicado for over a day.

Yes - change m4v (which is a container developed by Apple that is very similer to MP4) to mp4.

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