MKV file is crashing Shotcut when I try to drag to timeline track

I have version 20.04.12 of Shotcut. I am doing a video project with 20 tracks of singers. All the rest of the videos went in no problem, but the MKV file, which is actually a lot smaller than most of the others, crashes every time I try to drag it to the timeline. I know that there’s some big files, but others in my group have been able to mix more than 20 videos without problems.

I checked to make sure I didn’t have two instances of Shotcut open, which I read in one of the older topics.

I would have thought it was my computer not being able to handle the load, but skipped that files after several tries, and was able to pull in at least 4 more videos without issue. I don’t know. I’m still pretty new at this. Thanks for any suggestions.

Does the video play in VLC? With a file size that small, it’s either corrupt or very low quality compared to the others.

I agree with @Austin as the file may be corrupt.

My MKV file shows a length, while yours doesn’t.
The MKV file I created loads fine into Shotcut.

Hi @Austin and @Hudson555x, it does play in VLC.

I found instructions online for converting an MLK to MP4 in VLC. It did something to it, even though it still had the MLK extension, the file size is slightly bigger, and it still didn’t show a length, but it imported just fine into Shotcut and I was able to finish my project!

Maybe the VLC conversion fixed whatever glitch the file had.

Thanks for your help!


@Colleen, have you ever tried the ‘Edit-friendly’-Funktion in SC that converts that file?

Hi @DvS, no, I couldn’t do anything with the file in Shotcut, but I was able to “fix” it with VLC. If I run into this again, I’ll see if I can convert the file in SC. Thanks for the tip!

Ah, OK.

Per @DvS suggestion, you can convert it in Shotcut before adding it to the timeline. You can even do this while a project is already open:

  1. Open the file (File > Open, Recent, or Playlist); it opens in the Source player.
  2. Go to Properties > Convert pick an option and click OK.
  3. When it is done, if you are using version 20.04, it will be opened for you in Source automatically. If you are using an older version, double-click the completed convert job to open it in the Source player.
  4. Now you can add it to the Timeline.

Thanks very much! I’m going to save this procedure in case this happens again, and I’ll try this troubleshooting option. Colleen :slight_smile:

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