Mistake or bug for glaxnimate

Hello everyone.

Error or bug with V.22.12.21 and Glaxnimate and W10
I have a 9.12 second clip that represents a nautical chart and I have traced the route of a boat with eight stops.
On viewing Glaxnimate has removed the last three stops.
I started the route again by increasing the duration by two seconds and of course put the last stops at less than two seconds, same result, there are still stops missing.
Where did I make a mistake or is it a bug?
Thanks for your opinions and help.
I used the tutorials from both KamiGeek and MusicalBox both SC experts the results are the same, it lacks stops.

Hi @Epsilon85
I don’t think I’ve used Glaxnimate yet on Shotcut v22.12.21.
So I just made this map route to see if I experience the problem you explained.
In Glaxnimate, the route starts in Alger and ends in Tel Aviv. There are 5 stops between the 2 cities.

After saving in Glaxnimate, the route is the same in Shotcut. No missing stops.

When you say On viewing do you mean viewing in Glaxnimate, or viewing in Shotcut?

Did you edit the Glaxnimate animation you were using previously, or did you create a new one?

Thank you for your reply.
On viewing it is on Glaxnimate and off course on SC.

For Glaxnimate animation I did create a new one in the mean to shorten it on SC

I did not have this problem with a previous version of SC although I do not often use Glaxnimate which remains obscure for me.

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