Missing Timeline Graph And resetting it to default settings isn't working

I don’t know what I did but the timeline that shows the audio is missing and I don’t know how to get it back I’ve tried clicking the “restore to default settings” but it isn’t doing anything. I am pretty new to shotcut and editing and am just being dumb (also I don’t know if I’m posting this comment right sorry if I’m not!)

<----- This is what my Shotcut looks like

You are in the logging layout.
Click this:
or this
to go to the editing layout.


Thank you very much I knew I was doing something wrong!

Um sorry but I just realized a second thing I messed up on and I don’t know if its fixable but I was too far away from my mic while recording and its kind of hard to hear my voice is there any way I can raise the volume of the recording or no?

Try the Gain/Volume filter.



:I Thank you again :DDDDD
but also where do I find it? sorry I am Extremely Incompetent

Type gain in the filter search box.



I dont see the search bar (Sorry about this again)

Select the clip, the “+” icon will become active. Click the +, the search box will show.


Ok I did it, Thank you for tolerating me! :grinning:

Bonsoir ou Bonjour. Excusez mon intervention dans ce post mais j’ai le même problème de Timeline Disparue et je n’arrive pas à la remettre après avoir essayé vos solutions, Y compris la réinstallation complète du programme ! Ce ci dit, j’en profite pour vous souhaiter une bonne année 2021.

It doesn’t matter which layout preset you have to do this.

You can also set your own preset by doing this:
So arrange the windows where you want them, and save as your own preset to be recalled at anytime you wish to.

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Thank you for your help. I have tried everything but no timeline! I do not understand why.


Thanks for your screenshot.
Saves a lot of time.
The Timeline window is there, but something weird is happening.

Might need to start with the basics:

  • Restart/reboot your computer
  • Shotcut version you are using (Help - About Shotcut)
  • Computer specifications
  • Operating System

Ensure you have the latest version from here.

Some of you might have a bad upgrade and need to reboot and then reinstall. Some of you might have a compatibility problem and need to try the options in Settings > Display Method.

Some of you might not be able to get it working at all and need to use something else. It has always been the case that Shotcut does not work on every system, and I lack the technical knowledge and patience to make it work for all. Also, you can still the use the software without the timeline to make simpler projects like single clip or playlist.

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