Missing Text Filters on Export

Hello, My export woes continue. Should I just upgrade to new version?
Windows 8.1
core i7 8gbRAM 64bit
Shotcut version 21.09.20

I exported a video (that actually lasted longer than usual)
Made some text on a background with rich text, which appeared different on the final export
for shotcut 1.PNG


While checking for any errors, I realized that the text color was set to the dark greyish color, but when I pasted the text from online (pasted using text only), it appeared as white.
for shotcut 3

So now Iā€™m going through all the text in my project to change them individually to white even though they already appear as white. But now what do I do about the font size. What if I export again and the font is still ignored?

You need to set the color.
Select All or left mouse button/drag to select portions of text within to change.

With Text: Rich, you can change colors, sizes, and fonts all within that one filter.


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