Missing frames

Hi there, I have Missing frames in my footage. Can I fix them and add frames in between the missing frames by SHOTCUT or there is no way to fix it.
I import the footage from screen capture and use flight simulator replay tool for my movie.
Please help

Hi, if I understood your concern correctly, it seems easy, but it may require patience, if there are a lot of images.
You create a video track above, you cut the track below at the position that interests you and shift the right part, you position the image on the upper track and adjust the width to that of the interval below… You check what you did and you adjust the width of the interval on the lower track and that of the image on the upper track.
So on for the other images

Hi Thanks for reply, appreciate, I mean if there is an easy way to add frames in between with the software?
Thanks again

There may (certainly) be a more efficient method. :wink:

Can you explain what frames are missing? How do you know they are missing? Maybe you could share a screenshot to show your problem.

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