Missing Frames in Exported Video

I’m using Shotcut 22.12.21 and I’ve noticed a slight discrepancy in a video I exported. It appears that 2 to 3 frames are missing, causing a noticeable jump in motion, especially on a large screen. I’ve experienced this before in a pervious video. That time I tried to export it again, and strangely there were 2 to 3 frames missing in the same area of the video, but a different 2 to 3 frames (the ones cut out before were left in).

Making things even more strange, when I export just the video where the cut is by itself, it’s just fine. It’s even fine with a video before and after it. I’m not sure if this is a bug in Shotcut or my CPU struggling too much or something else entirely. Any ideas on what the problem could be are greatly appreciated.

(For the record, I’m putting MOV files together to make a MP4 file at 1080p60)

Perhaps Shotcut is struggling to seek accurately in your clips. As a test, you could try using Properties > Convert.

Open the video in Shotcut or another player that supports stepping frame-by-frame, go to the trouble spot, and step frame-by-frame to see if there appears to be missing frames because maybe the player dropped some frames.

I’ll have to try that. I did notice that the MOV video files aren’t at exactly 59.940…6 FPS, but I didn’t think it would be that important. I’ll have to get back to you on weather this works or not.

I think I’ve done that actually, which is how I came up with my original post and guessed that 2 or 3 frames were dropped or cut out.

Yes. If the source clip frame rate does not perfectly match the export frame rate, then frames will be manipulated (skip or repeat). And if the clip has a slightly variable frame rate, then some frames will have to be manipulated as well to make up the difference.

Maybe this is the problem. I do have another question also. If they’re a lot of videos, can you do the same thing as converting each to editor friendly by setting your desired framerate from the beginning and choosing the each playlist item option? All of the videos would be imported in of coarse.

Not yet. But that is becoming a more common suggestion. We also have a Roadmap idea to add project management with automatic conversion.

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