Missing files won't allow exporting BUT THEY ARE THERE!?

I had this problem previously and decided to start my project from the start.

I ensured all the files I used stayed in one folder.

When I finished my project again, I get the same error. This hasn’t happened with any other videos that I’ve made.

I want to cry. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong!?

When I search the folder for all the missing files and try to export, it then tells me I don’t have enough RAM and it crashes half way through!?

I have other screen shots but im a new member and can only upload one.

Thanks in advance. I’m aware this is a common problem but I’ve tried some of the other solutions and nothing is working.

other screenshot showing the error in shotcut

Also, the MLT file of my project


This is a known problem.
There is a work-around, and there is a fix coming in the next release.

The problem is actually a tiny left-over piece of a clip, possibly only one frame in length, lurking somewhere on your Timeline.

Some of the relevant threads:

One workaround that has worked for some people is to save the project (.mlt file), then open it and when it says that “blank” is missing point it to any video/image file.

I would make a copy of the MLT file first though - just in case.

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Your project has a single frame transition where one of the two clips is this blank clip identified as missing. Do you have any idea how that bad transition became a part of the project? I see it is right next to a blank area of the track. Here I tried to manually repair your project

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@No_No, this question is how you may become part of the solution to a very vexing problem. It is meant honestly, as we are all seeking a reproducible way of generating this problem so that the permanent fix can be implemented:

Thank you so so so much

I re- edited the project with lots of seperate save files along the way to figure out where I’m going wrong

I was VERY careful not to be sloppy with the placement of video and audio tracks. I would zoom in on the timeline and leave a small gap inbetween one audio/video clip and the next.

The problem I have I think is when I’ve moved a track on top of another which naturally creates a transition. I’ve then moved that second clip so that the transition leads to nothing, thus creating the problem. Potentially anyways.

It’s easily done unless you’re zoomed in closely and ensuring nothing that is given a transition is then moved again.

Once again, thank you so much for your help with my dumb video haha.

This program is truly amazing. I’ve only just started using it since January time and I’m already astounded by its versatility. This is the first problem I’ve run in to using it. Many many thanks indeed!

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Any advice on why my computer crashes at 55% when exporting on H.264 high profile? I’ve tried others and it keeps crashing.

My pc spec is attached.

If your computer/OS is crashing it could be due to bad memory or improper cooling. An application alone is not really able to crash an OS. However, an individual application can exercise the computer in a unique way that exposes a certain flaw with hardware, cooling, or a driver.
You can make sure parallel processing is turned off in Export. You can reduce the number of threads for the video codec (default = 1.5x # logical CPUs, try maybe 0.5x).
If it just the export job alone that is failing, I need to defer you to numerous posts here in the #FAQ and pinned. When export fails, it shows a timecode, and you can go to that point in the timeline to try to reduce something.
Running out of memory is also covered here elsewhere a lot. Parallel processing requires more but also so does the number of tracks. You have 1 track with nothing in it you can remove.

There is a problem with the combination of filters you are using with the clip on V1 at 00:05:44:01 that is making it either leak or consume large amount of memory. It is with the combination of Glow and Size, Position & Rotate, their parameters, and/or their order. Moving Glow down resolved it for me.


Thanks Dan.

Through a process of elimination and exporting short chunks of the video, I found that clip to be the problematic one.

Why is it that combination of filters that causes the problem? Is it a bug?

I had Crop rectangle, size position & rotate and Glow. Removing Glow and Crop seemed to make it exportable.

I might try readding the crop animation in and see if that is exportable.

Once again, thanks for your help! Im a big fan of the community already!

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