Missing files to relocate

Hello, I hope I did not get a wrong category of forum and wanted to propose an improvement that could be very useful for Shotcut.
I moved the folder with all my basic layouts for a project done on Shotcut, and when I open the .mlt file it asks me to relocate each file one by one which is a considerable loss of time when we have a small project like mine with a lot of small sequences.

That’s why I wanted to propose, if it were possible, to be able to select several files at once or to be able to select a folder directly and thus optimize the time spent relocating the missing files.

And finally I wanted to thank and congratulate the team Shotcut because this software is a marvel once we took the time to understand it. With a great possibility to set according to these tastes and an interface which I can not find anything wrong for the moment. I had tested several editing software in the past but since I only use it ^^

I translated everything on Google translation because I did not have a level in English enough for this post, I hope it will be understandable of all, on this, good day to you all

I was thinking about the very same thing this morning. :grinning:

If it can be worked in somehow, it’d be great to have that option.

Saving the MLT file in the
/epic napopo /data/ folder
/epic napopo/ folder would have saved you from doing this. It’s best for all saved MLT files to be in the same folder with your assets. So even if you deleted the /pfiou/ folder, you would not be getting this screen.

This way you can save and move your projects around with ease.

If you put back the /pfiou/ folder your project should open fine.

I wrote about how the file structure works in this post: How to move a project to another computer

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When I was experiencing something similar a while back, I did an experiment with a PowerShell script to resolve the file paths: Shotcut-SourceFileFixer.ps1.

It solved my case at that point, and I was thinking it could be useful for other cases as well, including proxy editing scenarios, but I haven’t really used it since… If you want to, you can give it a shot, and see if it can help your situation (if you are on Windows, I have no idea if it will run in PowerShell Core on Linux).

Note that it is working directly on the xml project file, so make sure you don’t have the project open in Shotcut before you start, take a backup copy of the file, and in general use with care and at your own risk. That being said, it is designed to be as “gentle” as possible, asking for confirmation before doing any permanent changes etc, and if you want to start out really defensive you can run with argument -WhatIf to not even be asked (and not do any changes). See documentation in the script for more information, first of all the examples.

There is no need for powershell if simple file structure knowledge is followed. It’s not Shotcut’s fault you moved a file, but at least there is a dialog to find the file instead of just not working.

Sure, I agree with that. The script could just be a possible rescue when the damage is already done, in a project with a lot of files.

In addition to the suggestions by OP, maybe after relocating one file from the UI, Shotcut could use its path as a hint and search again for any other missing files in the same folder…