Missing File and Opening Project

Hello… Love the software!
When trying to open a .mlt project file with a missing LUT file, If I chose to ignore the file it tends to crash the software. Any suggestions?


Yes, and very simple: Put the LUT file back in it’s original spot

Not quite sure how this is a bug.
Actually I would consider this to be operating normally for missing files.

This is a utility for finding a replacement file, double click on Replacement.
You have to assign a replacement.

Or you can edit/delete out the code. Here is an example.

Thanks so much for this.


Hello! After I replace all the missing files all my original edits to the video are gone. Everything is all jumbled. What am I doing wrong? please help! I don’t want to start over as I spent 4 plus hours editing.

Well you made a mess somehow. How come you had so many missing files?
You definitely should not be moving your source assets between editing sessions.