Missing audio input of USB video grabber

I’ve got the LogiLink VG0005 USB 2.0 video grabber and I’d like to capture the VHS-video using Shortcut.
But unfortunately Shortcut doesn’t list the Audio source from this device.

Video capture works ok, but no audio.

I’ve tested also AVS Video Recorder and iuVCR, this apps do recognize and can use the audio source called “VC500 Video”, but they have other problems.

Is it possible to force Shortcut somehow find audio source “VC500 Video” from this video grabber?
I use the Shortcut version 20.02.17 on Windows 10 Pro x64

Hi suspect the problem may be with the actual grabbing device/driver.
Reason I say that is, in the past, have had problems with audio on both the Kworld and Pinnacle devices.
Video works perfectly but no audio.
Tried several programs (including Shotcut and even VLC), same problem.

Perhaps others can shed more light.

Hi Paul,
I suppose if the problem would be with grabbing device driver, the other video capture applications couldn’t use the audio source as well. But AVS Video Recorder and iuVCR could capture this audio source.
The issues I have with that two applications are not related with the audio source (1 quality and 1 stability).

Very true, although I had no luck whatsoever.
Admittedly, never tried the two programs you mentioned.

In the end I gave up and bought a standalone ATOMOS Shogun recorder.

Can you not extract the audio from the working software and add it to Shotcut as separate audio file and match up with the video. Not ideal but it may help as a work-around

I could, but I have many hours VHS-video to capture.
The real problem is not to capture separate stream but to synchronize seamless audio and video from the different source files.
I know from my experience even if I get audio+video correctly synchronized at the beginning of one clip, it could be not synchronized at the end anymore. The synchronization in such cases costs much time and effort.

Maybe ‘VirtualDub’ could recognize the audiochannel!

OBS Studio can capture video and audio together. Can record at any frame rate you desire

Many settings available for recording quality.

You can enter any FPS value you wish just by typing in the amount, these are just presets shown.


Audio Bitrate Settings

They have a very active support forum on the OBS website for any set up questions you may have.

Within OBS you can set up titles and overlay screens etc to be used while you record, thus no need to edit final project unless there is a need to edit what’s been recorded. OBS works very well with VLC media player for using video overlays/animations.

thanks for the hint!
I’ve just tried it.
The capturing audio+video works in OBS, only one problem I have - it seems it doesn’t support interlaced scan mode for Output and doesn’t have the setting for interlaced video encoding. It seems there is no way to encode interlaced video as interlaced, only as progressive.
I’ve tried the option --tff in the x264 encoding options, but it was ignored.

Encoding interlaced as progressive is suboptimal, but I’ll check the quality after re-encoding in TFF, may be I can live with it after re-encoding as well. :slight_smile:

There is a way to use FFmpeg with OBS. I have no idea how FFmpeg options work though, or if it’s enough to accomplish what you need.

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