Missing audio filters

I’m using Shotcut 23.09.12 on Fedora 38, and for some reason I can’t find most interesting audio filters, like equalizers, compressor, low pass…
When adding a new filter to a clip, the only available filters are: balance, copy channel, downmix, fade in/out, gain/volume, mute, normalise (both flavors), pan, pitch, stereo enhancer, and swap channels. All the others are missing.
I already checked whether the GPU effects setting is flagged, just in case, and to me it looks turned off.

Do you have any suggestions about what is causing the issue and how to troubleshoot it?
Thanks everyone for your attention :wink:

Shotcut is not finding the Ladspa library which it uses for those filters. If you are using the package provided by your distribution, report the problem to them and use the packages available from the Shotcut download page instead.

Understood, thank you Brian

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