Missed End Keyframe at clip cut

What is your operating system?
win 10

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?


Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

This feature get out from any shotcut update a bit often.
When I apply a keyframe (in the video I used zoom and position filter), and I define some keyframes that change the scene, it is supposed that if I SPLIT the video into a point , a “end keyframe” must be added to the left clip, and a “start keyframe” must be added to the right clip.

The values of those 2 added keyframes, must be calculated at the levels of any parameter reached at that point (different for example from the parameters defined by the user a bit before and a bit beyond).

As you can see in the video, missing the end keyframe on left clip, throw the image far away.

I know that it’s a difficult logic, but I would be sure that If I use 10 filters with keyframes, they do not corrupt the interpolation if I cut the clip in the middle.

I suppose this feature was ok on last year Win7 shotcut version.

ps: There are a lot of bugs in the new version. Could you think about returning to the candidate status on this year’s release (with no offense)?

Why is that a bug, when you split a clip, you is also spit the key frames, that is expected behavior.
It is a good idea to finish doing the cuts, before you start adding filters and key frames, to avoid such issues.
23.05.14 run rock solid for me (flatpak, Linux), most issues I am aware of is using hardware encoding on export this is outside the developers control, because it depend of HW, Drivers, OS etc.

Well, it’s true:

the error, or feature, as you wish, is also inside the last win7 version: 22.12.21

It is fine the suggest an improvement in the “suggestion” category, but it is not a bug, if something don’t work as you would like them to work :wink:


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