Mismatch in keyboard Shortcut reference and how to

Hi there,
I just looked into Keyboard shortcut reference https://shotcut.org/howtos/keyboard-shortcuts/ and discovered that Ctrl+Y should be shortcut for Redo, but it adds video track instead (Im running Win 10 Pro). Ctrl+Shift+Z works. Its a trifle but its a bit confusing for windows users.

Another thing is the shortcut to Append item to playlist (shift + c). Am I right that it for example should append trimmed clip to the end of playlist (this feature is appreciated for me)? It doesnt work for me this way. It just reset the trim markers to the start and the end of the clip respectively.

Thank you shotcut team :slight_smile: !

i’ve been double clicking the desired file in the playlist then pressing the a key to append to the timeline from the playlist, (and yes, it appends to the end of the last clip in the timeline. not sure about a trimmed clip though but from the playlist that’s where it will append a file to). ctrl+shift+d to redo…thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip. I updated the source for the site to fix those two outdated shortcuts, and it will get published when I make the 17.11 release. The shortcut to append to playlist is Shift+A.

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