Minus degrees options for rotate and scale filter - suggestion

I imported a jpg which I wanted to rotate slightly anticlockwise, so intuitively I thought I would rotate it -2 degrees. Then I found there were no minus rotation options in the rotate filter.

I got round it by rotating it 358 degrees.

But I thought, say I wanted to animate it so it rotates to the left, say from 20 degrees to minus 20 degrees, I couldn’t do that. Unless I’m missing something?

Just wondering if it was a good idea or possible to have the option of minus degree rotation options.

Also being able to key in large degree amounts would give the possibility of a spinning effect - unless there’s a way to do that already. (So a keyframe from 1080 degrees to -1080 degrees would give you a spin of 6 rotations anticlockwise?)

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You can do that. Start with the 20° rotation with a discrete key frame then go to 340°. You can also do a rocking effect.

You can do a spin as well. A little tricky but doable.

rotate.mlt (9.3 KB)

Ah yes, great. But I was thinking of a smooth effect rather than a jumpy one. Thanks for posting this, I hadn’t thought of using the discrete keyframes.

That’s ingenious! Again though, not totally smooth… :grinning::grinning:

Fantastic help as usual, sauron!

I have changed the range from -360 to 360 for the next release v18.09. Using advanced keyframes you can make multiple spins: 0 ->-359, advance one frame, 0 -> -360, and so on.

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Wow, that’s great Dan - thanks so much!

I was just about to send in a post saying I thought of a workaround to get an anticlockwise rotation -

  1. Apply rotate/scale filter, set a rotation of 180 degrees,
  2. Apply a second rotate/scale filter, set keyframes to rotate from 200 degrees to 160 degrees.

Result: a rotation from 20 degrees to minus 20 degrees:

Rotate anticlockwise.mlt (10.5 KB)

… but you have changed it already and beat me to it!!!:+1::+1:. Great, thanks!

The discrete key frames are great for snappy action. Made a smooth rotate from 20° to -20° with advanced key frames (linear). And a smoother anti-clockwise spin.

rotate deux.mlt (8.4 KB)

a - Ha! Clever. so you can go from 0 degrees to 360 degrees and maintain the smoothness. Nice. Thanks!

Just a silly little animation I created using rotation and position keyframes:



The arrow is a actually a font called Pizzadude pointers.

Important to add the rotate filter first because rotation is around the centre of the screen, not the object.


Another silly animation with R&S S&P and Blur.



Cool! :grinning::grinning:

@jonray and @sauron,
Great job with those video demos! :grinning:

The rotation can be made a bit smoother if you change 360° to 359°. There’s a slight pause in the rotation when it goes from 0° to 360°. That pause will be eliminated.


Ah yes, of course! Obvious if you think about it :roll_eyes: Thanks!

Thanks DRM. Just created it for fun but I learned some useful techniques at the same time.:grinning:

Couple of great little demos there @jonrayThanks for posting them up :slight_smile:
Love the newspaper one. I was going to do a 60s Batman style transition in a video soon and that technique is perfect for it!

Just to be clear, QDSOV, and to give him due credit :+1: the newspaper demo was by @sauron - the arrow demo was mine. Thanks for your comments! Jon

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So it was! There goes my chances of winning the “paying close attention” badge!

Darned good demo @sauron