Minor error in Shotcut Credits Overlay HTML (Text:HTML) Generator

I have never paid to zip/unzip anything.
On Mac just right click on a file or files and select COMPRESS “blah blah”.
On Windows, same thing, right click on the file/s and select: Send To --> Compressed (zipped) folder.
Linux also has something similar, just not near a nix box now and can’t remember.

Hi Paul,

Send To --> Compressed (zipped) folder … this works on my Windows 10 PC !! THANKS.

Below does not work for me … no “New” option when I right click.
New->Compressed (zipped) Folder … does not work on my PC

Hi Elusien,

Referring to your comments to use " @jonray: 161 new transitions - using “Mask:From File”"

I am into my 8th week of using Shotcut since I first started with Movie Maker end Feb, then found Openshot … in early March and a week later Shotcut. I did contemplated on using Lightworks after reading a review but decided on Shotcut when I found the thread below that gives me the notion that there are really dedicated ppl focus on Shotcut.

So with that said, I had since try to apply what I learnt from this forum and ppl like Jonray, Paul2, samth, Sauron to name a few and yourself, I had manage to make 2 prior videos as a start. Thanks to all these folks to keep me challenged and learning …

Just to show some of the “mask transition” techniques I’d learnt from Jonray (& flashwords) and GL transition, and the other cool Shotcut filters with keyframe. Now that I have learn Credits/text flow … will apply to all my future videos (those for public sharing).

I also will try out “simple masking” and new transition (really cool in your demo video) that I saw last week. The latter seems not working so well I think … need to try outs.

Sharing what I learnt from shotcut on 2 videos I made recently … amateur quality :frowning:

1st video : 28 Mar (3 weeks after started with shotcut)
about Living in Corona Crisis … my video technique learnt was extremely limited then.

2nd video : 14 Apr (2 weeks later with shotcut)
Vow Renewal … just a sing along with group of friends planning for a trip to a Resort Island next year
(1 to do list during this “social distancing” / lockdown period)

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Hello @Elusien
Thank you for the updated version of Webvfx: I was experiencing this ampersand bug just now!

But I am afraid there is still a fix needed:
With the typewriter function, the ampersand is now correctly displayed : “&” (the character itself, not by its html code), but on my screen the “&” character is displayed immediately, before the typewriter effect even started… :frowning:
In other words: first you see a “&” on the screen (alone), then the other characters starts to be displayed one by one with the typewriter effect…
Hope it is not too difficult to fix…

Best regards,

Hi … wonder if I can use same topic.

Is there a way to slow down the scrolling of Credits Overlay HTML … I realise that when My credits text gets shorter, the scrolling gets faster !!

I tried to play with the HTML data control tag increasing the value … but does not seems to impact / slow down the scrolling.

See this.

The scrolling lasts for as long as the clip to which you apply the filter. The shorter the clip the faster the credits will scroll.

The HTML data-control tag is only used for when testing in a browser. You can try different values of the length of time then run it in a browser. Once you are happy with the speed create a clip that length in Shotcut and apply the filter. It will run at the same speed as it did in the browser.

I’ll have a look and see what I can do.

I have tried my regression test for “&” and “&amp” and cannot get the effect you mention. I tried it both in the browser and as a Shotcut filter and in both cases the behaviour exhibited is that which you wold expect. I don’t get anythng special happening with “&”. I have also looked at the code and can’t see how this could be happening.

Could you post your HTML so I could test it on my system?

Hi Elusien,

I try both ways … duration longer in your tool and extend the clip longer.
Both appears longer indeed. If I see further problem will report.
For now I can achieve what I needed to slow down the scrolling.
Thanks for the explanation … am more confident to control the speed now.
As for & ampersand … still works fine for me.

Hi @Elusien,

When using the credits HTML overlay, I notice there’s seems to have a few milliseconds flash of “white” text of the first screen before the scrolling of text starts.

The problem is … it does not always happen … I try to simulate it … it’s like out of 5 times, atleast 1 time you will see this “white text” flash out and gone.

I don’t know if you ever encounter this …
I do use the text flow effect … .
See attached …
OurDogs.HTML.txt (11.7 KB)

Hi @Elusien,

I manage to get that 1 frame (only 1 frame occur) with this flash white text before the Elusien’s credit text flow starts.
Here’s the image.CreditFlashWhiteText

Mea culpa - it is a “bug” in the “textflow” processing. I will fix it shortly. But in the meantime there is a workaround. Put the following line of CSS:

table {transform: translateY(99999px);}

at the end of the <style> section, i.e immediately before the lines:


ok thanks . I just clip away that 1 frame via a 2nd rendering for now.
Will use your method in future cases.

Hopefully I will fix the problem today, then put a new version up on my website.

The mistake was in the Video-Credits webpage, not the “textflow” code. I have fixed the webpage it now produces a Text:HTML (HTML Overlay) filter with the line:

#credits {margin: 0 auto; width: 100%; border-collapse: collapse; border: 0; transform: translateY(99999px); -webkit-transform: translate(99999px);}

rather than the line:

#credits {margin: 0 auto; width: 100%; border-collapse: collapse; border: 0;}


Appreciate your prompt respond as always. Very nice tool and ease of use too …
Finish my 4th video now … but 2nd with Credits since I found this new tool availability.

Thank you for your kind words.

I am putting the finishing touches to a new project to make it a lot simpler to create SubRip Subtitle files (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SubRip., that could be used stand-alone or as input to my subtitling webpage utility that hardcodes them into the video. I will announce it on the forum in the next few days. I may even produce a video (with subtitles), showing how to use it, though hopefully it shuld be straightforward.

Look forward to it …
I am a fan of “karaoke” so uses Aegisub and hardcode video with ffpmeg.
But for normal subtitle for video such as “tutorial” etc. will be good to see your tool … I plan to make some tutorial video after a few more weeks of learning Shotcut to be more proficient it it … along with supplementary tools like Blender to make nice & enjoyable video.

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