Minimum hardware requirements notebook?

I am looking at purchasing a new notebook. HP 17-by3063st 17.3" Intel i3, 8GB Memory, 128GB SSD + 1TB Hard Drive. The i3 processor is spec’d 1.2GHz Intel i3-1005G1 dual-core processor with up to 3.4GHz speed and 4MB cache memory.

Not sure what “up to” 3.4 GHzspeed means. Will the processor be adequate?

Here are the minimum system requirements for Shotcut:

The up to 3.4 ghz doesn’t mean anything when it comes to Intel. What really matters is the base clock. What is the base clock of that processor? That’s what actually matters. The base clock is the actual speed of the processor. The up to speed is just a marketing thing. Look at the base clock and ignore the up to speed. Base clock is the actual speed of the processor.

If you are editing SD video, that’s enough but a choppy experience, but for HD or 4k or smooth experience, you need a more powerful processor.

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