MInimize or resize timeline

Today, when I opened Shotcut, I found an abnormal main window and windows size. Finally, I could solve it partially resizing the main window (with my shortcut for window program) and closing all windows (recent files, new project, historial, timeline…). But when I opened timeline again (the most important for me), it cannot be resized to a short fringe down the screen (shown on the first screen capture) and then the video player window is very small (tiny!). HOw can I solve it?

Try this.

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Maybe Qt is having trouble with a high density screen (aka HiDPI) on your system. I think this is a known problem with Qt 5 - at least some versions - under GNOME. You can run shotcut with command line argument --QT_SCALE_FACTOR followed by a 1 or 2 to see if it helps.

Thank you very much for answering so soon.
In fact, I did it before. Then I deinstalled and reinstalled the program, and did it again and it didn’t work.
Now it has worked.

Thank you very much for answering so soon.

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